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President's welcome


My name is Ryan, and I am your ANSA President for 2023. We are located on the Sydney campus. My team and I strive to advocate and support your student nursing experience. Our aims are:

· Holistically care for nursing students through events with the mind, body and spirit.

· To encourage students to become leaders and engage in ways that inspire individual and professional growth.

· Allow connections with peers in a Christian environment - not only at Avondale University but also in the broader community.

· To provide support mechanisms. Students can network and connect with the Lake Macquarie campus, surrounding churches and lecturers to enhance a positive student experience.


Studying in Avondale and being on the Sydney campus has been a life-changing experience for me. This campus is filled with inspiring lecturers and staff who endeavor to make this place a welcoming space where students grow professionally and find a place of belonging. Engaging in this community has shaped me to be a better individual academically, spiritually and mentally. It has also facilitated my passion and goals to be a better person and future nurse whilst building connections and lifelong memories with my peers.


Choosing Avondale has been one of the best decisions of my life, and I hope you will find this too!

Ryan Selidio, 2023 Avondale Nursing Student Association President

Avondale nursing student association

Sophie Hutchinson - Treasurer & Social Officer.jpg

Sophie Hutchinson

Treasurer & Social Officer

Cora Gates-Mcgregor - Residential Mentor & Spiritual Officer.jpg

Cora Gates-McGregor

Residential Mentor & Spiritual Officer

Aayusha Yadav - Cultural Officer.jpg

Aayusha Yadav

Cultural Officer

Taylor Watson - Social Media Officer.jpg

Taylor Watson

Social Media Officer

Lillian Martin - Secretary & Sport Officer.jpg

Lillian Martin

Secretary & Sport Officer

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